Health data hosting

123CS, a subsidiary of the Verso Healthcare group, is ISO 27001 and HDS (health data hosting company) certified 


123CS supports healthcare professionals, including clinics, hospitals, publishers as well as all those who deal with digital health information. 

123CS guarantees a service with a very high level of security and recognised project support.

As a health professional, you collect and/or distribute digital information qualified as health data; this is so-called sensitive data. In order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of this data, the Ministry of Health organises and controls hosting companies thanks to its accreditation issued by the Agence du Numérique en Santé.


HDS certification, the highest level of recognition

In which cases?

  • Virtual machines
  • Application hosting
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • NAS storage
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Imaging
  • VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The benefits

  • Simple, fast and efficient offer
  • Very attractive financially
  • Adaptable and efficient capabilities
  • Scalable infrastructure according to your projects
  • Standardised configurations for fast production start-up
  • Cost optimisation on important infrastructures
  • Different choices : OS, Hypervisor, Storage, Inter-Room Replication, Inter-Datacenter DRP
  • Unlimited bandwidth
Health data hosting


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We ensure strong commitments in terms of availability (SLA) of the infrastructures that we host. This is achieved by monitoring them 24/7, thanks to the automatic systems installed on the hardware, software, network and telecom components. 

In the event of a breakdown or an identified potential risk, these automated devices alert our teams, who carry out actions that are totally confidential to our customers. These actions are recorded and can be consulted by our customers. We measure the availability and actual use of resources and networks through statistics. 

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We offer different backup solutions, both for the IS that are located at our clients’ sites and for those that we host. The technical solutions are provided according to the activity of each client and the constraints that they can withstand: IT operating schedule, volume of data exchanged, bandwidth consumed, etc. 

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Disaster recovery is a strategic issue that raises a number of critical questions, beyond just the technical aspects: 

  • What is the acceptable downtime for IT services? 
  • What amount of data loss is acceptable? 
  • What application should be prioritised for restart? 
  • What are the procedures that apply if the DRP is activated?

Depending on various crisis scenarios like extreme shocks, maintenance services or other important operational tasks of the company, the BCP comprises of measures to be taken in order to ensure that these services or tasks are maintained when necessary, in a degraded mode and to also ensure the scheduled resumption of operations in the company.

Our financial engineering offerings are available in your country.

Our service offerings are currently being rolled out and may not yet be available in your area.

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