Verso Healthcare, sustainable support for healthcare players at international level​

International: A plus for professionals and institutions

Verso Healthcare develops innovative international solutions in response to the challenges that healthcare systems face

The Verso Healthcare group has been present internationally since 2017 and is accelerating this development in an operational manner.

  • Development of services (e-health and Data…)
  • International positioning in the dental and veterinary sector from 2022
  • Proposals for financing solutions dedicated to liberal health professionals in Switzerland through its subsidiary MDL

A plus for partners

This strategic positioning is an additional opportunity for Verso’s partners that manufacture and distribute medical equipment’s to increase the penetration of their offers internationally, particularly in Europe if they are based on full cost models (fleet management, pay-per-use, etc.) or include high value-added services offered by the group’s subsidiaries, such as auditing, valuation and brokering, integration of medical equipment’s into the information system, security distribution, the hosting of health data, cybersecurity or clinical service management tools.


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Phone number: +33 805 696 150


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Phone number: +34 637 476 058


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Phone number: +39 3 775 498 376


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Phone number: +41 22 807 08 51


Contact: Send a message
Phone number: +33 805 696 150

Presence in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

In Italy via its subsidiary in Milan

In Switzerland via MDL (Geneva)

MDL subsidiary (Geneva)

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In Spain

Subsidiary in Barcelona

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