Cockpit Expertise Santé

Verso Healthcare (through its subsidiary MEDGEST) offers a web-based application for managing medical imaging facilities, whether they are private or dedicated services within health establishments.

MEDGEST presents its 360° web application for managing medical imaging facilities.
The Cockpit Expertise Santé facilitates daily decision-making in every aspect of radiology.

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  • Improving the profitability of the centre
  • Increase efficiency
  • The right size of the workforce
  • Commitment to quality control
  • Managing daily medical activities
  • Following the strategy set up by the management
  • Analyse performance and draw up a forecast 


  • Ergonomic management and statistics tool with all the relevant indicators of the radiological structure, based on the data of your RIS.
  • Analysis of seasonal activities in order to determine the size of your staff.
  •  Predictive analysis of the profitability of the structure according to the changes in the number of procedures and the cost of the procedures.
  • Monitoring and improving the satisfaction of both patients and correspondents.

3 independent modules


Monitoring operations and predictive analysis

Business Intelligence platform with integrated analysis and dashboards to directly exploit RIS data to accelerate decision making.


Management of the technical platform

CMMS and management software for the technical platform, which provides indicators that facilitate decision making in terms of renewing equipments.


Pilotage Cockpit Expertise Santé

Human resources management 


Human resources management solution through skills management, training and optimising the management and monitoring of administrative tasks.


“COCKPIT HEALTH EXPERTISE® allows us to have a global view of our resources and available skills for proper management of projects that are in line with the group’s future strategy. It is the solution that all imaging centre managers should have in order to manage their centres proactively“.

                                                                                                Hélène MICHEL – HR Development Director – Radiologie Paris Ouest

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