Digital security: focus on audit, advice and support

From ransomware and DDOS attacks to certifications and regulations, digital security is now an important issue for healthcare institutions, regardless of size or location.

Verso Healthcare (through its subsidiary 123CS) has developed its expertise and offer in cybersecurity and health data hosting.

Guaranteeing excellence and performance, and providing quality service to clients, are some of the reasons why 123CS has obtained ISO 27001 and HDS certification, as well as various labels such as “ExpertCybert” and “Cybersecurity Made in Europe”. 

Security audits (remote and face-to-face) of medical equipment or information systems are the only way to have a detailed knowledge of your protection system. They allow us to identify the objectives, while taking into account your problems.

123CS consultants provide the necessary advice to optimise the technical platform and its associated information system by taking stock of the security levels.


Governance and organisation

Purchasing and management process

Fleet and digital criticality

Supervision and risk prevention

Sécurité numérique

Whatever the size or nature of the establishment, the 123CS team responds to needs, planning and budget constraints.

After auditing and analysing the client’s needs, the team offers a solution adapted to optimise the use of new technologies in the health establishment (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Software packages, Hardware, etc.) and a methodology that can be adapted to the objectives and the detailed requirements of each project.

What is the Cybersecurity Made in Europe label?

What is the ExpertCyber label?

Our financial engineering offerings are available in your country.

Our service offerings are currently being rolled out and may not yet be available in your area.

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