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Since its creation in 2004, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique has been a reference institution, including at the international level, for the training of leaders, managers, inspectors and controllers in the health, social and medico-social fields.

EHESP became a higher education institution on January 1st 2008, and has developed the creation of chairs to broaden its areas of intervention in the field of research. Within EHESP, the Management Institute (IDM) aims to develop knowledge and skills in the management of health institutions and policies in the health, social and medico-social fields.

EHESP has created the “Management of Health Technologies” (MTS) Chair, in particular to foresee the implications of using new technologies and techniques in health organisations and professional practices. 

Verso Healthcare and EHESP enter into a 3-year sponsorship agreement in 2022.


In particular, this sponsorship takes the form of:

  • Sharing experience and expertise
  • Participation of Verso Healthcare experts in events and courses
  • The joint organisation of public meetings or seminars (face-to-face or digital) particularly on the subject of transition from ownership to use in the field of medical equipment and technical facilities.

In view of a sustainable and responsible sponsorship, the parties will also strive to facilitate the identification of talents, expertise, partnerships… on both sides and to set up reciprocative actions in the context of internships, theses, work-study or recruitment. 


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