Sustainable assistance for healthcare workers

Financial engineering – Operational management and development of technical platforms – Functional, technical, and financial audits – Web application for practice management – Cybersecurity – Outsourcing of IT systems – Healthcare data hosting

Who are we?

VERSO HEALTHCARE is an independent French group and major player in the healthcare sector. It has numerous experts in agencies all over France as well as in Italy, Benelux, and Switzerland.

For over 10 years, this independent French group VERSO HEALTHCARE, assists healthcare professionals and facilities in the implementation, optimisation, and availability of their technical platform from an economic, technical, organisational and regulatory standpoint.

470 M€ HT

managed equipment

60 000

pieces of equipment financed

+ 3000

annual projects



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A leading position in the healthcare sector

In 2019, MACSF, the major insurance company for healthcare professionals, acquired a stake in VERSO HEALTHCARE greatly helping to accelerate the development and diversification of the company activities which had already been underway for several years.

Driven by an active external growth policy, the group presently prospers with its ability to roll-out a 360° service offer by guiding healthcare professionals in fulfilling their precise needs.

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An international position

Verso Healthcare rolls-out a progressive strategy to be present on all healthcare markets.

Its presence in Benelux, Italy, Spain and Switzerland (using its subsidiary MDL – Medical Devices Lease) notably creates an additional opportunity for our partners, medical suppliers, to increase their market entries.

A project aiming to make our healthcare system efficient by promoting use value !

‘’We are wholly convinced that use value will become more important than product value and are focusing our leasing offer on usage-based financing which generates rapidity, agility and flexibility for daily equipment management, notably in the event of technological breakthroughs, while simultaneously maintaining a stable budget.’’

Christophe SICOT,
President and Founder of the VERSO HEALTHCARE Group

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Managed inventory worth nearly 470 million euros, tax excluded !

With one of the largest managed inventories of medical and IT equipment in Europe, Verso Healthcare ranks as a leading player in financial engineering. Managing one of the largest inventories of medical and IT devices in Europe, Verso Healthcare is regarded as a leading player in financial engineering.

By placing use before investment, we are able to directly meet the major challenges of our healthcare systems:

  • Availability and access to healthcare for everyone
  • Provision of best clinical practices and best technologies (predictive, prevention, remedial)
  • Enforcement of solid budgetary and financial balances all throughout the care pathways and life courses.

Over 100 employees at your disposition and dedicated to the healthcare sector

Our offers

Free yourself from constraints

The aim of VERSO HEALTHCARE is to assist you with improved management of your technical platform.


Custom financial arrangements
Integration of the overall project
Replacement of equipment according to your needs


Easy access to cutting-edge technologies combining ease of use, precise diagnostics and productivity.

operation room hopital

Operational management of your projects

Since each project is unique, VERSO HEALTHCARE created a service offer just for healthcare professionals.

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Expertise at your service

  • Defining projects
  • Technical & administrative audits
  • Equipment development
  • Recommendations and referrals
  • Tailored finance solutions

A unique association between financing and value-added services

Areas of focus

visuel docteurs

Health professionals

Ophthalmologists, …

Healthcare facilities

Clinics, hospitals, GHT (regional hospital groups), …
Central purchasing groups
Elsan, UniHA, UGAP, …

visuel laboratoire

Biomedical environments

Function testing and therapies
Medical imaging
Anaesthesia, intensive care
Operating block
Dialysis, …

visuel cabinet medical

IT and eHealth

Telecoms, networks, and servers
IT workstations
IT system
Connected devices
Artificial intelligence, …



Laundry services
Catering, …

Healthcare environment, furniture, and hygiene

Care and assistance
Medical furniture
Patient hygiene and well-being

Assistance across your entire value chain


IT system
Healthcare data


Tailored assistance depending on your clinical activity
Management of your technical platform
Reporting and guidance tools
Data recovery and valuation of your IT system


Technical, financial, human resources, and regulatory audits
Consultancy services
Asset management


Tailored financing
Asset management
Recovery and resale of devices
Hosting of healthcare data