First installation in France of the ZAP-X – Verso Healthcare is proud to participate in improving the patient journey
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Fujifilm Healthcare France and Verso Healthcare make magnetic resonance imaging accessible to all
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    Verso Healthcare: A group dedicated to the health sector

    VERSO HEALTHCARE is an independent French group exclusively dedicated to the healthcare sector. It assists players in this sector of activity in the creation, financing, deployment, management, optimisation, securing and availability of their technical facilities from an economic, technical and regulatory point of view.

    VERSO HEALTHCARE is present in France, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy and Spain and has nearly 8,000 customers (private doctors, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, GHT, etc.).

    Timeline key dates
    Accueil Ico Parc en GEstion
    + 500 M€

    of parks under management

    Accueil icone equi finan

    financed equipment

    + 3.500

    annual projects

    Accueil Icone Partenaire Actif


    Accueil Icone Audité

    audited & upgraded equipment

    Accueil Icone Collaborateurs


    Accueil Icone Client


    Accueil Ico Valo

    international implementations

    Accueil MACSF photo

    The investment of MACSF in March 2019, the leading insurer of healthcare professionals, has hastened the development and diversification of the company’s activities, although the process had been ongoing for several years. Through a policy of external growth, the group now stands out for its ability to deploy a 360° service offer to support healthcare professionals as effectively as possible according to their needs.



    MACSF relies on non-listed companies to boost its performance

    Podcast by Stanislas Subra , Head of Venture Capital Investments – MACSF

    Accueil Positionnement

    Verso Healthcare is deploying a progressive strategy to penetrate all healthcare markets.

    Its presence in Bénélux, Spain, Italy and Switzerland (through its subsidiary MDL – Medical Devices Lease) is an additional opportunity for the Medical Supply Partners to increase the reach of their offerings.

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    Accueil Gestion Parc

    With one of the largest fleets of medical and IT equipment under management in Europe, Verso Healthcare is a leading player in financial engineering. Moving from investment to usage now makes it possible to address the major challenges of healthcare systems:

    • Availability and access to healthcare for all
    • Access to the best clinical practices and technologies (predictive, preventive, curative)
    • The maintenance of budgetary and financial balances throughout the care and life course

    ‘We are convinced that the value of products will disappear and be replaced by the value of use. We have built our leasing offer around a financing system based on use that enables reactivity, agility and flexibility in the daily management of a fleet, particularly in the event of a technological breakthrough, while ensuring a long-term budget. 

    Our clients

    Accueil Cabinet Medical

    Medical practices


    Accueil Clinique


    Accueil Etat ARS



    They trust us

    Our areas of expertise in health

    Accueil ProSan

    Health Professionals






    Ophthalmologists, …

    Health Establishments

    Clinics, hospitals, GHT, …

    Private purchasing centres, public purchasing centres

    Accueil Environnement

    Biomedical environments


    Functional investigations and therapies

    Medical imaging

    Intensive care anaesthesia

    Operating theatre



    Dialysis, …

    Accueil Prosan

    IT and e-health

    Telecoms, networks and servers

    Computer workstations

    Information systems

    Connected objects

    Artificial intelligence

    Health data hosting

    Cybersecurity, …

    Accueil Vignette Logiciel



    Catering, …

    Care environment,

    furniture and hygiene

    Care and rescue

    Medical furniture

    Patient hygiene and well-being

    More than 150 employees at your service and devoted to the health sector

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    Les collaborateurs du groupe Verso Healthcare vous souhaitent d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'année
    Bonne année 2024 par Verso Healthcare
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