Value Lines

Verso Healthcare, through its subsidiary Value Medical, offer innovative valuation of medical assets periodically: Value Lines.


This offer is aimed at:

  • Health professionals
  • Private clinics and public health institutions
  • Manufacturers and distributors of medical devices
  • Banks and insurers

In an evolving market, understanding the current or future value of a medical equipment is a unique advantage for managing and controlling assets.

  • Optimisation of insurance costs
  • Full cost purchasing approach
  • Actual depreciation of assets
  • Facilitated decision making in terms of resale or purchase opportunities for medical equipment

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Example in the context of a GHT:

Valuation of medical devices for decision-makers

Best cost/performance ratio


Optimisation of the equipment plan


Arbitration data


Integrating future value into a full cost purchasing decision


Whether or not to exercise a possible purchase option in an informed manner

Better overall cost, decision and management support, asset valuation, optimisation of insurance costs, real accounting depreciation and knowledge of residual value

Innovation and technology


Attractiveness of the technical platform


Better patient care


Quality of life at work

Value Lines Engrenage

Our financial engineering offerings are available in your country.

Our service offerings are currently being rolled out and may not yet be available in your area.

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