Audit, advice and support

A team of expert consultants from the medical industry and from public and private establishments

The Verso Healthcare group has developed a high level of expertise in auditing, consulting and support for healthcare professionals and institutions.

These services are always updated to reflect specific issues related to the establishment or related contexts (health crisis, cybersecurity, new CE marking, etc.).


The missions are executed by a team of expert consultants from the medical industry and from public and private establishments and covers issues related to medical equipment or specific biomedical equipments:

Audit, advice and support


A single international contact

Ophélie Duport

Ophélie DUPORT

Strategic Account Development

Master’s degree from the Montpellier Business School


Provide concrete solutions to the challenges health care institutions face and also offer long-term support to health care providers

Identify the expectations of complex customer structures with methodical support



She has been working for almost 7 years in the field of commerce and related strategies.

She has supported public and private health institutions in technical and financial innovative projects.

A multidisciplinary team: our consultants

Charles Henri Vidal


Management consultant in the imaging sector

Sébastien Annequin

IT Consultant

Our financial engineering offerings are available in your country.

Our service offerings are currently being rolled out and may not yet be available in your area.

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