VERSO HEALTHCARE offers DOCPRINT, a software solution that enables the distribution of images and reports according to the channel chosen by the users:

The user can print the image, burn it, make it available to patients or send it to the town doctor from an image distribution portal.

DOCPRINT is a simple and effective software tool.


The software involves:

  • Imagers, manipulators (including managers) and potentially secretaries in the departments
  • Clinical services, consumers of medical imaging
  • Service producing images (outside the imaging department): neonatology, cardiology, etc.

The solution proposed by VERSO HEALTHCARE is intended to replace (or complement) film, paper or CD or DVD printouts of medical images (X-ray, Echo, Scanner, MRI ….).

In particular, DOCPRINT has met the requirements of COVID 19, as paper/CD is an important vector for the transport of the virus.

DOCPRINT is intended for all institutions that use DICOM images. 

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