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Fujifilm Healthcare France and Verso Healthcare make magnetic resonance imaging accessible to all

Although open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) has existed for a long time, its low magnetic field, despite its advantages (absence of specific shielding, lower cost, examination of patients with prostheses, premature babies, etc.), has often limited it to use in very specific or overly specific fields of expertise. The recent arrival on the market of the first open “High Field” MRI, the name given to the 1-1.5 Tesla magnetic field, is a real innovation and revolution that has not been sufficiently established until now. Some centres, such as the Drancy Health Centre, the Essonne Clinic and the Porte Verte Hospital (Versailles), have been equipped with this technology and have demonstrated a high level of care and satisfaction. These include: emergencies, intensive care, senology, geriatrics, paediatrics, claustrophobia and bariatrics.

Verso Healthcare, a major actor in the financing of medical devices, and Fujifilm Healthcare, a manufacturer and major actor in medical imaging equipment, have decided to facilitate access to this major innovation. Indeed, Verso and Fujifilm are offering the market, and in particular the public sector, a true full-cost package that includes all the services associated with this use. The offer is based on turnkey financing (stand, consoles, software, antennas, fittings, work), deployment, maintenance, optimisation, innovation and availability of this technology from a clinical, economic, technical and regulatory perspective.

This 360-degree offer has also attracted the national purchasing central UGAP, which recently selected it as part of a public contract, thus allowing health establishments to have immediate access to it without any obligation to advertise and put it out to tender. Moreover, as mentioned above, the offer makes magnetic resonance imaging accessible to all.

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