Valuation of medical equipment

Verso Healthcare, through its subsidiary Value Medical, offers specific expertise and experience in the field of the valuation and resale of medical equipment.

Value Medical has had a challenging approach from the start:

  • To be legally secure for sellers (resale only to DM professionals, signed documentary chain of integrity and French law, absence of warranty for hidden defects)
  • Carrying out the valuation of each DM in order to obtain a maximum and honest value for the buyer
  • To have an information system that allows the tracking of all transactions, of each DM
  • Set up an enterprise for the marketing of all kinds of medical device from syringe pump to MRI

Product sheets 

Focus on valuation for resale

Focus on periodic valuation (Value Lines)

Expertise / Process / Tools

  • 9 regional bio-medical engineers to ensure quality reporting and de-installation
  • Expert information system to ensure perfect tracking
  • Backup and hosting in HDS
  • 3 biomedical engineers to ensure negotiations and quality audit of international buyers

Complete DM

  • 100% of DM
  • 972 brands / 5805 models (Data 03/01/2022)
  • From medical bed to particle accelerator
  • 20,000 DMs rated in 8 years
  • 20 million worth of medical devices resold for health care institutions

Economic performance

  • Network of 350 professional buyers worldwide
  • Diverse range of buyers and territories/countries to ensure fast and efficient responses
  • Commission in % calculated on the resale value
  • Payment of installation before collection
Logo Value Médical

Medical device cycle


Renewal project


Investment decision


Negotiation optimisation


DM reform


Commissioning of the new DM


Medical device in operation

Action Value Medical

Appraisal of trade-in value

Future value of candidate DMs

Brokerage valuation with 300 buyers 

Secure Resale Process

Framed abduction

Value tracking / Alerts

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