cybersecurity player dedicated to the healthcare sector, Verso Healthcare, through its subsidiary 123CS, has created a dedicated offer based on predictive, preventive and curative solutions from 2020.

The exclusive positioning of the group in this sector ensures that the offer is adapted to the needs of the health professionals, the university hospitals and the regional hospital groups.

After being awarded the ExpertCyber label by the French government in 2021, 123CS joined the Alliance for Digital Confidence (ACN) and obtained the ECSO Made in Europe cybersecurity label.

The Alliance for Digital Trust (ACN) represents companies (world leaders, SMEs and ETIs) in the digital trust sector, particularly those in cybersecurity and digital identity.

This growing recognition at national and international level ensures that 123CS, and ultimately Verso Healthcare, holds an important position among the numerous players in this market.

These guarantees and recognitions are essential in the eyes of our clients, who are increasingly resorting to these services.

Labels and certification

123 CS receives the “Cybersecurity Made In Europe” label

123 CS receives the “EXPERTCYBER” label from the French government

123CS, referenced as a “Digital Security Professional” by the French State

Verso Healthcare and 123CS deploy the first cybersecurity offer designed for healthcare professionals

Cybersécurité ExpertCyber


How is the security of your technical platform and/or your information system handled?


It can start with a security audit that aims to identify the security level of your technical platform and/or your information system (security of systems, infrastructures, applications, Wi-Fi, etc.). Following an IT security audit, the 123CS auditor provides classified and prioritised recommendations in order to correct the shortcomings of the analysed area and protect you against threats.

For example, the audit enables:

  • effective anticipation of a potential attack by identifying actual vulnerabilities and your level of exposure to IS risks
  • improvement of the effectiveness of existing protection solutions (firewall, proxy, IPS, WAF, VPN, SSL, PKI, etc.)
  • questioning the implementation of your ISSP (information system security policy) and your existing service providers/partners: Integrators, Hosting companies, SOC, Operators….
  • improvement of the overall level of security (periodic audit) to improve your overall security level (periodic audit)

Infrastructure penetration testing

Internal & external penetration testing, Workstation penetration testing, VOiP penetration testing, Skype Active Directory, Data infrastructure electronic & financial (Visa card reader, Wifi, RFID)

Application Penetration Testing

Penetration testing Mobile Web (Android, iOS …) Web services Heavy applications DPI

Scripted audit 

Simulation of a concrete attack with an extended perimeter and time constraints.

We chose the exploitation of vulnerabilities with strong impacts for the activity of the establishment and oriented data loss or ransom.

Operational audit

System platforms (Windows, Linux, AS400) Oracle, MSSQL, DB2…)

Web and application servers (Apache, Weblogic, Jboss,…) Firewall, Proxy (Check Point, Fortinet, Juniper, Squid, F5,…)

Architecture audit

Application DMZ, VPN and remote access …

Cloud infrastructure

HDS, Office 365, private cloud


Inform you to better protect yourself.

It is important to explain and educate employees about security issues, particularly in understanding the risks involved in the data they handle. Certain human actions can lead to breaches and exposure of vital data.


123CS offers appropriate awareness and training workshops to limit or even avoid this type of risk. They are based on demonstrations of concrete attacks specific to clients’ organisations.



Training on raising awareness

These training courses target non-technical profiles: sales, marketing, HR, etc. The aim is to teach customers about potential attacks and the best practices to adopt when faced with the risks: smartphone hacking, taking control of an unlocked computer via an external channel, etc.

Cybersécurité sensibilisation



In charge of detecting and qualifying incidents


Steering effective response plans and implementing organisational and technological corrective measures, until incidents are resolved.
Incident Response : Respond timely and appropriately.


Data leakage on the Internet (exfiltration), Cyber terrorism (Cryptolocker), Loss of a critical file, Threat to company employees, Blackmail
Disputes within a company, Malware, Ransomware, Loss of a file to a competitor

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