Radiology practice/department: focus on audit, advice and support

MEDGEST, a subsidiary of the Verso Healthcare group, was created to support medical imaging practices and departments in the aspect of change, technological and organisational transformation.

It provides consultancy, technical, regulatory, organisational, HR and financial auditing services for companies in the imaging sector who wish to carry out an independent assessment of the operations of their establishment (radiology practice, imaging department, etc.) and identify potential areas for improvement.

The independence of the group and its subsidiaries from manufacturers, distributors and publishers guarantees a high level of objectivity.


  1. Governance and stakeholder relations
  2. Medical project and territory
  3. Development strategy, mergers, purchases, sales
  4. Integration of new partners


Cabinet radiologie Icone Suivi Juridique
  1. Data management and monitoring of financial performance
  2. Optimisation and monitoring of technical facilities
  3. Analyses of pricing practices
  4. Identification of areas of growth and profitability
  5. Indicators and solutions for profitability development


Cabinet radiologie icones soin
  1. Quality management
  2. Organisational innovation and process optimisation
  3. Medical organisation and workflow improvement
  4. Attractiveness and performance management
  5. Optimisation of doctors’ working conditions


Cabinet radiologie icone rh
  1. Personnel administration and payroll consistency
  2. Risk assessment audit
  3. Establish a stable and sustainable HR policy
  4. Change management
  5. Crisis management
  6. Methodology and training for staff interviews


Cabinet radiologie icone informatique
  1. Data governance
  2. Audit and improvement of the IT and telephone systems
  3. State of the art business solutions
  4. Operational management of the IS and outsourcing

To go further

MEDGEST is also deploying a web-based application to manage medical imaging facilities.

COCKPIT HEALTH EXPERTISE facilitates daily decision making in all areas of medical imaging.

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Logo Medgest

MEDGEST assists medical imaging practices and departments in the execution of the recommendations made during audits.

This know-how in change and outsourcing management is unique in the field of radiology due to our focus on managing radiological structures and our expertise in management.

MEDGEST provides consultancy services related to:

– Decision-making support in the context of institutional governance

– The evolution of company operations causes you to review the organisation of your establishment

– Human resource management or the recruitment of partners

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