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NOVA LEASE SOLUTIONS, a French player in medical equipment financing, joins the VERSO HEALTHCARE group

Nova Lease Solutions, an independent company with private shareholders, was created in 1989 and is a historical player in Operational Leasing.

With more than 30 years of know-how and experience, this company has been able to provide flexibility and responsiveness in asset financing thanks to its “tailor-made” approach. Its 14 employees currently manage more than 2,500 contracts in fields as varied as medical, technological and industrial equipment.

We asked Francis ENGUEHARD and Frédéric SIG, President and CEO of NLS, the reasons for this merger with VERSO HEALTHCARE.

Why join the VERSO HEALTHCARE group in 2020?

Alongside Verso Healthcare, we will continue to offer a quality service to our historical customers, while developing new innovative offers in perfect synergy with the other entities of the group.

In addition, Verso Healthcare clearly has European ambitions. We know that this is an essential dimension to continue to support our manufacturing partners.

Very close to Christophe SICOT and the strategy he wishes to lead, the human dimension of the project and shared values played a great role in our final choice.

Finally, MACSF’s involvement and flawless reputation definitely convinced us to join Verso Healthcare.

Christophe SICOT, Président Fondateur de VERSO HEALTHCARE.

I am delighted with the finalization of our agreement and the prospects that flow from it.
Nova Lease Solution is a company with an important history and a strong knowledge of financing solutions, particularly in the medical field. These assets reinforce the credibility and ambitions of the “Verso Healthcare Project” in France and in Europe.
The consolidated Verso Healthcare group now manages more than €450 million in assets and, through its subsidiaries, nearly €10 million in projects related to associated services: consulting, steering and expertise tools, auditing, valuation and brokerage, IT and information system management, cybersecurity and health data hosting.

The experience of the Nova Lease Solutions team will enable us to further support the healthcare players in a context where the health crisis has imposed new rules, for example in terms of patient pathways (reception, security, prioritization, follow-up).
We are mobilized to support the entire sector from a technical, financial, organizational and regulatory perspective. As of next week, our teams will be working hand in hand in the field to deploy our services around the values of the project.

I would like to thank our partners as well as our councils who worked all summer to make this project a reality.

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